You are Beautiful (2012)

Project Statement

This project was a collaboration between Farhad Bahram, Missy Weimer and Mahmoodreza Nourbakhsh.

Working simultaneously in Tehran and San Francisco, They hit the streets with the “You Are Beautiful” message, aspiring to create moments of positive self-realization. For two days in San Francisco, They took their hand-painted signs, which were written in Farsi, to Union Square, Market Street and the Golden Gate Bridge. They traveled by Bart and MUNI and spoke to anyone who approached them.

At the same time, which was night in Iran, Mahmoodreza was in Tehran. He was driving around with his light-up “taxi” sign “You Are Beautiful” in English. He settled at a coffee shop and photographed its willing occupants with the sign.

With our synchronous expeditions to promote good will, we spread an apolitical message. A message whose intention is a simple act of kindness. By doing this we aim to connect the people of these two diverse cultures, as well as have fun! The final pictures and documentations of this project were exhibited in Mission Culture Center on 18 January 18th 2012, in San Francisco.